15 Ways “Orange Is the New Black” is roller derby

15 Ways Orange Is the New Black is roller derby:

1. It centers around the interactions of a large community of seemingly incongruous women.r-ORANGE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACK-large570

2. Once you are no longer Fresh Meat, you get the real team uniform.


3. Yelling at the refs can result in a major penalty.


4. There is a healthy lesbian population. (Although, truth be told, some are just “gay for the stay”.)


5. If the track gets shut down, some ladies go bananas. Some do whatever they can to work the system and get it open again.


6. There are committees. And everyone has a job.


7. Your family is tired of hearing you talk about the drama. But they’ll still tell complete strangers that you’re involved.


8. Wives.


9. Widows.


10. Everyone’s got a nickname, even the refs.


11. Sometimes it just feels good to hit a bitch.


12. There’s a lot of foul language.

13. It doesn’t matter what size you are, how old you are or if you’re transgender- they’ll gladly take you in.


14. It can be completely degrading and completely empowering. And if you apply yourself, you’ll come out stronger.

15. Ladies have mixed feelings about getting out. Some are scared to leave and others are relieved. Either way, it’s hard to adjust to the real world.


*all pictures copyright netflix.com

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