Terribly Delicious! Horribly Satisfying! Halloween is near…

Fresh from the dark and terrible seas, the blackest ink from those tentacled beasts of the deep…

Squid ink linguini!
From Mona Lisa Pasta via Relay Foods

The cobwebbed rafters exploded with shrill squeaks and fanning velvet wings…

Could it be bat brains??

Nope. Local, humanely raised ground turkey from Artisan Cuts via Relay Foods.

Rotting flesh of stinking gourds, steaming in the full moon’s light…

Yep, local roasted pumpkin via C-ville Market.

And is that stripe of red the remnant of some poor soul, long forgotten?

Let’s not get carried away. It’s just some sun-dried tomatoes from The Cheese Shoppe.

And finally, the creeping green entwined with the marrow of poisoned bone…

Relax. It’s only my backyard-basil pesto made with backyard-garlic and Cheese Shoppe cashews.

Creepy and delish… even ghouls will love it (I know my boys licked their plates clean).

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